A. Bar Review Course

Approx. 300 contact hours and/or customized timetable available including support from qualified experts admitted in foreign law commonwealth jurisdictions as well as the US

Participation involves learning via video/online lectures; 24/7 assistance and face to face review sessions conducted in New York or the State that you intend to prepare for the bar exam; including Practice Tests/ Homework and Practice Questions, Simulated Exams. Some of the features for course work content inter alia Q Bank, Essay Bank, Notation Space, Roadmap, Examples and Hypothetical and last but not least Mnemonics. The Program is designed for online viewing inclusive of

B. Essay & MPT Course

3 to 6 days Intensive
Participation involves learning via video/online lectures and face to face review sessions in New York or nominated State. – The ‘Trial Runs’

Preliminary New York Essay & MPT Course work is administered under test conditions undertaking over 12 Essays within a three day period inclusive of MPT. The exam has been constructed by our law faculty to provide prospective bar examinees with the most current and representative questions covering the new issues and nuances tested on the State exam. By taking the exam under ‘simulated test conditions’ for 6 hours, students will be able to experience the time pressure of the Essay & MPT aspect. At the end of each day you will be given individual feedback as to your performance and guidance throughout. This will also allow you to improve on your endurance and stamina and help maximize performance on the actual bar exam.

C. Personal Coaching & Assistance Face To Face

Highly qualified attorneys having practiced in top tier law firms internationally to personally provide feedback face to face re writing style and general coaching conducted in New York or nominated State to accommodate candidates generally.

D. Multi State Bar Exam (MBE Intensive) Course

to 6 days Intensive
Participation involves learning via video/online lectures and face to face review sessions in New York. The ‘Trial Runs’

Course Lecture/Structure over 1000 MBE questions and explanations; personalized study plan to target your areas of greatest opportunity on the MBE and our exclusive features like Q Bank and Ask-an-Attorney contact number. Our question-based review incorporating the most up-to date.

E. Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE)

Course Lecture: A complete session outlining the key information you will need to know to pass the MPRE. The assigned expert professor will walk you through each component of the MPRC and CJC and how to apply it to the exam. Two MPRE Workshops: Online video workshops featuring a question-by-question review of core concepts and how they are tested Practice MPRE: Test yourself with this 60-question exam MPRE Q Bank: Practice your MPRE knowledge with this powerful online quiz builder. Use the advanced system to create customized tests, review detailed explanations for your answers and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

F. Assistance with Board of Examiner’s application processes

Our consultants will work with you to present your application to the State Board of Law Examiners the right way so as to avoid any delays and hassles and misunderstandings by the respective Board of Law Examiners.

Our Coursework above is full service which goes above and beyond any other companies.